Saturday, 13 June 2015

A Night Garden Live Review

Being an anxious person, I tend to worry about most excursion logistics so quite honestly the thought of a trip to the O2 to see 'In the Night Garden Live made me, well, anxious. Immediately I was worried, what about the parking, finding the venue, getting lost, crowds, people pushing? I worry about all of it! Of course there is the child element to worry about too. Will my daughter like it? Will she scream when we have to wait? What if she needs a nappy change, gets hungry.... The list goes on.

Anyway I did not need to worry about any of these things. This experience is expertly designed for families, right from the start it flowed beautifully. 

Here are my reasons for my bold statement above. 

1. The simple parking. 
2. The  excellent signs through the car park and then into the O2. 
3. No lining up to get in. We simply strolled in... No stress!
4. The incredibly happy and polite staff in all areas. 
5. The actual purpose built inflatable show dome is actually awesome! 
6. You can see wherever you sit.
7. The seats are comfy and are not those stupid flippy seats you get in a traditional theatre.
8. You can get out with ease (we did not need to as my daughter loved it!, and no nappy changes required) 
8. Huge buggy parking facilities.
9. Children can get up and dance.
10. Adults can get up and dance! (I didn't) 
11. Great, near nappy changing facilities.

All of the above make for an easy experience but what about the show? Wonderful moving scenery, clever staging, it all happens all around you, as though you really are in the night garden.... Beautiful!

The most wonderful thing is watching your child watching the show. I loved hearing the children calling out to their favourite characters, just magical. There wasn't much of a story, but there never is really, is there. 

I like to think that there was a subplot where Makka Pakka was cleaning Iggle Piggle's face to wash away the sins of his debauchery with Upsy Daisy and the Tombliboos, but that's just me. 

The entire day exceeded all my expectations and I would definitely go again just to see those happy faces. It was truly brilliant! 

To see a trailer for the show at the O2 click HERE 
To book your tickets to see Night Garden Live just click HERE

Mumsnet Hackney received a complimentary family ticket in exchange for an honest review. 


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