Friday, 10 April 2015

This is why Microscooters are marvellous!

It's no secret that having young children requires quite sizeable apparatus. I don't mean the actual birthing process thankfully, unless you count a hospital, I mean those specialist and , sometimes cumbersome, items such as cots, high chairs, buggies and car seats. The option to travel light with a baby or a toddler is a rare commodity. In the last 4.5 years I have rarely left the house without at least one of these aforementioned items. Of course this isn't a complaint, I have relished every adventure but I cannot deny that sometimes living in London with no step free access train station nearby, can feel a little claustrophobic. 

This didn't quite prepare me for the feeling of sheer freedom that would come from my children becoming scooter owners. Am I naive to realise that a Microscooter isn't just a toy to accompany you to the park along with all the other apparatus but a new, lighter mode of transport for your children?. 

It was with some anxiety that I allowed my eldest son to scoot along ahead of me on the pavement for the first time and it was not without some rather militant road safety 'training' in the back garden first. However, as a result he has developed beautifully honed road safety skills which he takes great pride in demonstrating at every pelican crossing. My youngest who still requires a little extra towing on my part, hoots with delight and of course I can never pull him fast enough. 

I could witter on about what a novel invention they are but actually, forget their brilliant range of colours and models, for us the Microscooter is the tin opener to our previously sealed can of London. Not having to weigh up the possibilities of either having to lug a buggy down flights of stairs versus the inevitable ending up carrying your tired child because you've left the buggy has, in every sense, been a weight off. As a dedicated country bumpkin I rarely relish the thought of a summer in the city, but now I have two independently mobile children, I think I can safely say we cannot wait. 

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Mumsnet Hackney & Waltham Forest received a complimentary Microscooter to conduct this review. 

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