Friday, 27 March 2015

Bing Bunny comes to Soho!

In advance of the imminent DVD release, MN Hackney & Waltham Forest (and family) was very lucky indeed to be invited to attend the screening of easily our sons' favourite CBeebies show ‘Bing'. For those of you who aren't familiar, this is a delightfully gentle TV series following the adventures of a little black rabbit called Bing and his carer Flop (voiced by Mark Rylance) celebrating the noisy, joyful messy reality of being a pre-schooler. Based on the book series by Ted Dewan this groundbreaking series is not just aimed at young children but also, quite refreshingly, the grown-ups in their lives. 

Usually any invite to an event that involves viewing anything for longer than 20 minutes just reminds us that actually regardless of time, we will be leaving after 20 minutes as our little ones' concentration span will have already long departed. So it was with slightly anxious anticipation we sat down in the private cinema of the Soho Hotel to watch a marathon 10 episodes of Bing's escapades.

However, it was with some relief that consistently after each program, youngest shouted his usual one word response of ‘Again’ and each new episode was accompanied with squeals of delight. The highlight was easily the episode starring 'Brenda the blender' which we hadn't seen before and we have been merrily making banana smoothies ever since (we are yet to successfully include a carrot though).

Needless to say we already have Bing full ensconced as a TV staple in our home however, if you would like to join us then pre-order your DVD HERE

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